Creative Capitalism

If not for the lack of a better description, I'm a creative capitalists. A brand and business strategist with the vision and aptitude to move business and brands in new directions, assess market dynamics, needs and opportunities to optimally position brands into profitable, scalable and sellable ventures. 

I understand the intangible benefits of branding, positioning and imaging along with the pragmatic reality of operations, managing a P&L and scaling a business. I have a knack for quickly assessing situations, assimilating large amounts of data and distilling it down to actionable insight and strategy that builds equity. It takes some vision and an ability to see the big picture. There’s a craft to it, an art of sorts.

I’ve refined my craft over a career identifying and growing market opportunities, building businesses and building brands. I’m armed with a full stack of cross-functional abilities including market and brand development, competitive positioning, strategic planning, sales, traditional and digital marketing, financial modeling and change management. Stack that beside an investment banking and M&A background and the ability to lead and manage change, and, well, that’s why seeing the big picture comes naturally.

Today, I'm head first into For guys in private equity and venture capital, for early and mid-stage companies, for incubators, turn-around and consulting firms, we're a resource for assessing, visioning and identifying market and revenue potential, building brand equity and maximizing investment outcomes. We know that brand values, these often intangible attributes, are a main reason why the market capitalization of a well-branded company exceeds its book value in mergers, acquisitions, licensing, joint ventures and other financing negotiations. We are an on-demand highly efficient and cost-effective team of senior brand strategists that fills the need for brand team resources for private equity and venture capital firms. Check us out.